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Degree Examination Process
Application Opening
First Semester: From the completion of the registration to November 30. 
Second Semester: From the completion of the registration to May 31. 
Processing Time
First Semester: From the completion of the registration to January 31. 
Second Semester: From the completion of the registration to July 31. 
Withdrawal Deadlines
First Semester: Before January 31. 
Second Semester: Before July 31.
Withdrawal Process
1. Fill out and submit the Degree Exam Withdrawal Application Form to the applicable department/institution by the deadline, or the student will be deemed to have failed. 
2. Each department/institution shall collect the applications on the last date, and prepare and submit the list of degree exam withdrawals to the Office of the Registrar.
Degree Examination
Minimum English Proficiency Requirement for Graduation
Each Master’s and Doctoral student admitted to NTUT in and after the Academic Year 2019 must meet the minimum English proficiency requirements prescribed by the Master’s/Doctoral program before graduation. 
Graduation Exit Process
  • The exit process shall be completed according to the dates specified in the NTUT academic calendar. Any student who has completed all required credits for graduation and does not enroll in any course in the present semester may fill out the Early Receipt and Issuance of Certificate of Graduation Application Form after completing the graduation exit process, and receive the certificate of graduation upon approval. 
  • Complete graduation regulations are conducted in accordance with the regulations of each department.
Graduation Exit Process
Rules and Forms
Please log in Taipei Tech Portal→Applications→System of Academic Affairs→Reporting a Lost Student ID Card System
Student ID Card Replacement Procedure 
(1) Reporting a loss: Please use this system to report a loss. Students can check the loss reporting process on the EasyCard official website via this system. Print the application form those who apply for Suspension, Termination of Studies or Graduation.
Contact Person 
Registration Division
Ms. CHEN, E-mail:mei0209@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Design
Mr. LIU, E-mail:right60670@mail.ntut.edu.tw, the College of Management
Ms. LI, E-mail:cherry@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Ms. TENG, E-mail:acteng@ntut.edu.tw,  the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ms. LIN, E-mail:suehsin@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Engineering
Ms. HO,  E-mail:hueiru@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Humanities