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Student ID Card

  • Please log in Taipei Tech Portal→Applications→System of Academic Affairs→Reporting a Lost Student ID Card System
  • Student ID Card Replacement Procedure 
    (1) Reporting a loss: Please use this system to report a loss. Students can check the loss reporting process on the EasyCard official website via this system. Print the application form those who apply for Suspension, Termination of Studies or Graduation.
    (2) Loss and Reissue Procedure:
    (a) Please use this system to report a loss. And then print the application form.
    (b)The applicant shall pay NT$200 at the automatic payment machine.
    (c) Hand in the receipt and application form to the Joint Service Center.
    (c) After 2 full working days, the applicant can pick up the new card from the Joint Service Center.
Contact Person 
Registration Division;Ms. Ho;ext. 1117 E-mail:hueiru@ntut.edu.tw