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Change of Student Data

  • All certificates are issued based on the data provided by students upon enrollment. Students shall verify the information by themselves to protect their rights. For example, if any personal information shall be updated (such as name, ID number, address), please fill out the Application Form for Changing Student Data, and deliver it with any supporting documents to the Office of the Registrar by hand or by post.
  • Any alumnus who keeps her or his graduation certificate may also submit the certificate, and specify on the original certificate the information that she or he wishes to change. In the case of a replacement/reissue of graduation certificate (please select graduation certificate), the original certificate will be nullified.
  Required Document
Information to be Changed Application Form for Changing Student Data

Transcript of Household Registration or New

Household Registration Form

(must include history of changes)

Name V V
Place of Birth V V
Date of Birth V V
ID No. V V
Domicile Address V V
Mailing Address V  

※ The application form must be signed by the parents for undergraduate students; graduate students or alumni are exempted.


Rules and Forms
C5  Alteration to Student Enrollment Information

Contact Person 
Registration Division;Ms. Ho;ext. 1117E-mail:hueiru@ntut.edu.tw