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Final Grade Submission

- The Online Grading System will be open from 00:00:00 Jan. 8 - 23:59:59 Jan. 22. Any late delivery of the grades should be delivered to Office of Academic Affairs in hard copy instead.

To submit the final grades through the Grading System, please log in to Taipei Tech Portal

  → Applications → System of Academic Affairs  Grading System










- The Registration Division will inform the instructors who are unable to hand in the grades on time, and the director of the        department office will also be notified as well.

- For those who delay the grade delivery over 1 week, the name of the instructor, the department, and the courses will be announced.



Grade Correction

- If the students consider the grades to be incorrect, they may submit a request for score review through the Registration Division within 7 days after the scores are released. The instructors should ensure no question was overlooked and recheck the correctness of the grades, then reply to the Registration Division within 3 days after receiving the Application Form for Score Review.

- If incorrect grades are submitted due to the fault of the instructor, the instructor may apply to correct the grades by filling out “Change of Grade Application Form”, signing the form, and handing it to the Office of Academic Affairs with supporting evidence before the second week of the next semester (as announced in the university’s Academic Calendar).



Rules and Forms

Change of Grade Application Form



College of Design

Ms. Chen



College of Management

Mr. Liu



College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Ms. Li



College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Ms. Teng



College of Engineering (exclude Department of Chemical Engineering &Biotechnology)

Ms. Lin



College of Humanities & Social Science 

Department of Chemical Engineering &Biotechnology

Mr. Chen