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Change of Major




Announcement of Changing Majors for Academic Year 2023:

-     Announcement of Changing Majors/Section

-     Overview of Available Seats and Selection Process of Changing Majors for Academic Year 2023

-     Overview of Determinations of Majors of Similar/Distinctive Nature by Department Year 2023

-     Announcement of Selection Process of Changing Majors

-     Admission List

-     Rejection List

Pursuant to Item 5 of the NTUT Guidelines for Student ID Card Management, students who change their majors may replace their student ID cards, if desired, according to the reissuance/replacement procedures.



The manuals are published at the end of the first semester of each academic year. Application will start during the second semester according to the academic calendar (around week 13 -14).

Application date for Spring 2024: May 13, 2024 - May 24, 2024


Rules and Forms

NTUT Policy of Change of Major

C9: National Taipei University of Technology Day Division Student Change of Major Order of Preferences




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