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Suspension or Termination of Studies

Suspension/Resumption of Study
Subject to the NTUT Academic Rules: “Each student shall pay the fees and register for the courses according to the timeline specified by the University, and complete the registration processes. Failure to complete the registration processes on time and apply for suspension of study will results in expulsion.”
Termination of Study
  • Voluntary Removal: The student or her or his representative shall submit the written application and finish the exit procedures to complete the removal process. 
  • Additionally, in any of the following situations, the student shall be expelled:
1. Failure to register after the deadline or return after the suspension of study expires.
2. Absence without notice for 45 hours in any given semester.
3. Failure to pass one-half of the total credits enrolled in a semester twice unless the number of enrolled credits in the semester is less than 9 credits. 
4. For students of certain identities, failure to pass two-third of the total credits enrolled in two consecutive semesters (please see the NTUT Academic Rules for eligible identity).
5. Failure to graduate within the extended term after the years of study.
6. Failure to attain a passing score of moral character.
7. Significant violation of school rules subject to the resolution of expulsion of the Student Affairs Committee.
Important Schedules
Feb. 19, 2021 >> Any current student who applies for suspension of study before the semester starts is exempted from paying the tuition and fees; otherwise the student shall pay the full amount of tuition and fees before she or he may apply for suspension of study.
Apr. 1, 2021 >> Last day for suspended/expelled students to refund 2/3 of the tuition and fees.
May 14, 2021 >> Last day for suspended/expelled students to refund 1/3 of the tuition and fees. 
June 18, 2021 >>Last day to apply for suspension of study for this semester of 2020.
Suspension of Study and Expulsion (Voluntary Dropout)
Rules and Forms
C6 Application for Day School Suspension (Drop-out), Leave, and Refund
C7 Counseling Record between Temporarily-Leaving / Dropout Student and Professor in Charge (Adviser)
Contact Person 
Registration Division
Ms. CHEN, E-mail:mei0209@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Design
Mr. LIU, E-mail:right60670@mail.ntut.edu.tw, the College of Management
Ms. LI, E-mail:cherry@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Ms. TENG, E-mail:acteng@ntut.edu.tw,  the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ms. LIN, E-mail:suehsin@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Engineering
Ms. HO,  E-mail:hueiru@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Humanities