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Certificate of Study





Certificate of study can be applied in person or by post. The required documents are listed below:




Apply in person

Apply by post

Certificate Application Form



2ID Photo(s) (one for each document applied for)



Fee (NTD 20/each)

Pay at the automated payment machine or Cashiers Section of the Office of General Affairs.

Postal money order payable to the National Taipei University of Technology, or stamps of equivalent value.

Processing Days

3 working days

3 working days

Return Mail Envelope

(If not available to pick up personally, enclose a return mail envelope for this purpose.)


Note1: For each expelled student the processing fee for the first copy of the initial application is waived.

Note2: For each student who voluntarily drops out or is expelled, the Certificate of Study may be issued if she or he has enrolled in NTUT for one semester and obtained grades. If his or her student status is cancelled, no Certificate of Study will be issued.



Rules and Forms

C2 Application Form for Academic Certificate



Ms. Ho

ext. 1117