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Notification of Grades
  • Transcripts are sent at the end of each semester at NTUT. Foreign students need to pick up their transcripts at the Office of International Affairs. 
  • NTUT will no longer send semester transcripts to graduate students from the second semester of Academic Year 2019. Please visit the campus portal to look up academic grades. 
  • Students may apply with the Office of the Registrar to recheck their grades in question within one week after receiving the transcripts. One student may only apply for recheck once. 
  • If any score is delayed for the semester, students will have access to look up the results after the computation of semester grades on July. 12, 2021. 
  • If any score is still missing after July. 29, 2021 (such as for cross-registered courses), the average semester grade will be recalculated after all scores are submitted. Do not panic if you see any unusual average semester grade or number of credits earned. These circumstances are temporary. The semester grades shall be based on the transcripts sent by the Office of Academic Affairs. 
  • Ranking process will be delayed because some scores of the cross-registered courses are not submitted. Please remain patient. 
Last Day to Submit Scores of the Semester:  July. 5, 2021
Rules and Forms
Contact Person 
Registration Division
Ms. CHEN, E-mail:mei0209@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Design
Mr. LIU, E-mail:right60670@mail.ntut.edu.tw, the College of Management
Ms. LI, E-mail:cherry@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Ms. TENG, E-mail:acteng@ntut.edu.tw,  the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ms. LIN, E-mail:suehsin@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Engineering
Ms. HO,  E-mail:hueiru@ntut.edu.tw, the College of Humanities