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Application for 2021 Academic Year 2nd Semester Double Majors / Minors for Students in Four-Year Program, Day Division

  1. Application Eligibility
  • Undergraduate students in a four-year program who are between sophomore year and first semester of senior year.
  • Transfer students have to attend Taipei Tech for one year before being able to apply for minors / double majors.
  1. Courses and Review for Double Majors / Minors of All Departments
  2. Application Procedure


Items to Complete

January 24th (Mon.) –

February 23th (Wed.), 2022

Applying student must send in application form, transcripts from all academic years, and other required information for adding a major / minor to current Department Chair for signature, before sending them to Registration Division, Office of Academic Affairs for initial review.

Before February 25th (Fri.), 2022

Registration Division will send application to corresponding department that applying student desires to add a major / minor from for review and signed assessment. After Department Chair has signed, application is sent back to Office of Academic Affairs for approval and data entry.

Before March 2nd (Wed.), 2021

Registration Division notifies student of review results.

BeforeMarch 7th (Fri.), 2021

Student completes course selection during online add/drop period.

  1. Related Regulations and Formshttps://oaa.ntut.edu.tw/p/412-1008-13022.php?Lang=zh-tw
  2. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Teng of Registration Division, Office of Academic Affairs at (02)2771-2171 ext. 1114.
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