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Remote Teaching for All Taipei Tech Classes

Remote Teaching for All Taipei Tech Classes Starting from May 9 to May 21

  • Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all Taipei Tech classes will be held remotely (online) from May 9th to May 21st.
  • Upon discussion with students, instructors may maintain on-site instruction for laboratory and practical courses. Instructors and students must wear masks and practice proper social distancing while working in laboratories. Instructors should also provide alternative learning options for those students who choose remote learning.
  • Some standardized tests, such as speaking and writing examinations scheduled on May 15th and make-up exams for the English Language Proficiency Test scheduled on May 17th, will remain on-site.
  • Instructors are suggested to use available online platforms/tools for remote teaching and keep appropriate records of learning materials and student participation for future reference. Instructors are invited to browse the etoolbox website if they have any questions concerning remote teaching.


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