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Taipei Tech Revised Epidemic Preventive Measures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation (Effective from the 4th Week of the 2021 Fall Semester)

1. In accordance with the amended “Guidance on Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic at Colleges and Universities for the Academic Year 2021–2022” released by the Ministry of Education on October 4, 2021, Taipei Tech convened the 65th Epidemic Prevention Conference and made the following changes.


2. From the 4th week of this semester (October 12, 2021), all courses shall be offered onsite in principle. Further details will be presented as follows:

(1) Courses under 80 people will be conducted onsite. As for the location of the course, please refer to the Curriculum System for the arranged classroom for the 2021 Fall Semester. If the instructor needs to extend the remote learning period until the 6th week (October 31, 2021), please fill out the application form (as attached), receive the approvals from the department office and submit the form to the Office of Academic Affairs.

(2) For courses over 80 people, the instructor may either conduct the course online or adopt the blended teaching approach (combining online and onsite modes). If the blended teaching approach has been applied, please ensure that each classroom should not contain more than 80 people at the same time during the class. However, courses arranged in auditoriums/ lecture halls may be conducted onsite if the social distance can be maintained for 1.5 meters (2.25 square meters) per person. 

(3) As for the teaching mode for Physical Education, please refer to the amended Guidance on Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic released by the Ministry of Education.

(4) Please inform the students about the teaching mode and location of each course in advance through social media/ contact groups for the following weeks.


3. Notifications for onsite courses

(1) Regarding the indoor capacity limit, each classroom should not contain more than 80 people at the same time, except for indoor venues that meet the requirement of maintaining social distance for 1.5 meters (2.25 square meters) per person.

*maximum capacity = dividing the area of the indoor venue by 2.25 square meter.

(2) Fixed seating arrangement shall be implemented, and the roll call shall be taken. If fixed seating arrangement is unachievable, instructors should take a photo of the class for further investigation if necessary.

(3) Face masks must be worn throughout the class, and all of the participants shall sanitize their hands. Besides, eating and drinking is forbidden during the class. For those who need to grab a bite, please go to the designated eating area.

(4) Classrooms shall maintain ventilated, while being cleansed and disinfected regularly. Besides, tools, machines and equipment used in class shall be disinfected as well. The air-conditioner may be used when the diagonal windows are open for at least 15 cm wide to maintain classroom ventilation. The doors are not required to be opened then.


4. The Office of Academic Affairs, the Computer and Network Center, and the department offices will make every effort to support the students during this period. For further information of the contact person, please refer to the website of the Office of Academic Affairs. ( https://oaa.ntut.edu.tw/p/404-1008-98622.php?Lang=zh-tw )


5. Latest information will be updated on a rolling basis according to the status of the pandemic situation and CECC’s announcements ( https://oaa.ntut.edu.tw/p/404-1008-98622.php?Lang=zh-tw ).

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