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Taipei Tech Preventive Measures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation (Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2021)

Regarding current pandemic situation and the Guidelines of Pandemic Control Management for COVID-19 announced by the Ministry of Education on Sep.7, the University is asking all academic and administrative units to comply with the following measures: 


1.The University may conduct distance learning in the first three weeks of the Fall semester of 2021 after the classes begin. Please refer to the information below:

(A). All courses shall adopt distance learning from Sep. 22 (Wed.) to Sep.28 (Tue.) (alternative ways might be brought up for physical education or hands- on courses). It would be unnecessary for the students to arrive at school during this period.
(B) The distance learning may be extended from Sep. 29 (Wed.) – Oct.10 (Sun.) except for hands-on courses or courses taken by fewer students. Hands-on courses and courses taken by fewer students may be conducted onsite, please follow the measures below:

a. According to the regulations announced by the Ministry of Education, the maximum capacity of each classroom shall be less than 80 people, and social distancing shall be maintained for 2.25 square meters per person. According to the calculation of the Office of Academic Affairs, the maximum capacity of each classroom in Taipei Tech will be 11 to 40 people (depending on the size of the classroom). As for the maximum capacity of the instructional lab or computer classroom, please abide by the regulations announced by the department office.
b. Participants shall be arranged with fixed seats, and the roll call shall be taken.
c. Face masks must be worn throughout the class, and all of the participants shall sanitize their hands. Besides, eating and drinking is forbidden during the class.
d. All of the classrooms and the instructional labs shall maintain ventilated, and shall be cleansed and disinfected regularly.

2.All of the instructors shall announce the course URL and relevant information of the first few weeks on the Note section of the Course Syllabus System through the following steps: 

3.Please log in to Taipei Tech Portal > Applications > System of Academic Affairs > Course Syllabus System
To ensure the course quality during the distance learning period, the Office of Academic Affairs will check for the completion of the Course Syllabus, relevant supporting evidence, and students’ feedback randomly.

4.The Office of Academic Affairs, the Computer and Network Center, and the department offices will make every effort to support the students and faculties during this period.

5.As for the fourth week after the classes begin, latest information will be updated on a rolling basis according to the status of pandemic situation.

6.Instructions for the distance teaching/learning approach, the hyperlink of the online classroom, and the contact information of the lecturer can be found in the “Note” section of the "Syllabus" column in the Course System (Please log in to Taipei Tech Portal > System of Academic Affairs > Curriculum System in English > Course System > Course Catalog for the Fall Semester 2021 > choose the Department > choose the Class > look for the target Course Name > look up the "Syllabus" column > click "Query").

If you have any questions, please contact the instructor (lecturer) or the unit of curriculum.

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