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Remote learning period will be extended until the end of the spring semester.

Due to the ongoing outbreaks of Covid-19, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced the extension of the Epidemic Level 3 Alert to June 14. According to the 57th NTUT Epidemic Prevention Conference, all courses will be offered remotely until the end of the spring semester (June, 26).

📍During the emergency remote learning period, all students should attend the classes remotely at home/dormitory according to the scheduled time and comply with the preventive measures. Besides, please complete the Survey on Emergency Remote Learning (https://forms.gle/XGDiUtnt1HgtsMfW6) to help improve the effectiveness of remote instruction.

📍Whenever the CECC reduces the Epidemic Alert to Level 2 (or lower), instructors might arrange in-person make-up courses by July 3, 2021 based on students’ needs under the premise of adopting preventive measures. Students intentions should also be taken into consideration. That is, whether students attend the in-person make up courses shall not impact their credit scores.

📍Graduate students may apply for master’s or Ph.D. thesis/dissertation defense through the video conference. The deadline for the thesis/dissertation defense is not restricted to July 31, 2021, whereas students should be reminded to complete the graduation procedures by August 26, 2021. Please record and preserve the candidate list who conducted thesis/dissertation defense through the video conference along with related documents for further investigation.

📍For more information about the emergency remote learning FAQ, please refer to the link: https://oaa.ntut.edu.tw/p/406-1008-109456,r1985.php.......

☎If you have any questions, please inquire related offices as follows.

1⃣Curriculum related:

📌For day school, please inquire the Curriculum Division at Office of Academic Affairs (extension number 1135, 1133, 1134, 1136, 1137, 1128).

📬sunkanon@ntut.edu.tw (Ms. Sun)

📌For night school, please inquire the Academic Division at Office of Continuing Education (extension number 1723, 1729).

📬ginny@ntut.edu.tw (Ms. Chiang)

2⃣To apply for thesis/dissertation defense, change of major, transcript or requirement of graduation, please contact Registration Division at Office of Academic Affairs.

📌For students in College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, please contact Ms. Teng (extension number 1114).

📌For students in College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, please contact Ms. Li (extension number 1115).

📌For students in College of Design, please contact Ms. Chen (extension number 1116).

📌For students in College of Engineering (except for Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), please contact Ms. Lin (extension number 1118).

📌For students in College of Humanities & Social Science ( include Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), please contact Ms. Chou (extension number 1117).

📌For students in College of Management, please contact Ms. Liu (extension number 1119).

3⃣For questions related to emergency remote instruction:

please fill out the survey on Google:

📌https://egb.aca.ntut.edu.tw/ief/etoolbox or contact the Teaching & Learning Resources Center at Office of Academic Affairs.

📌Software issues for emergency remote instruction (e.g., Google Meet、MS Teams), please contact Ms. Lu (extension number 1132) or Ms. Chang (extension number 1145).

📌To borrow the equipment for emergency remote instruction (e.g., microphone or web camera), please contact Ms. Yu (extension number 1139).

📌Feedback for emergency remote instruction, please fill out the form: https://ppt.cc/f4BXlx

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