How to add/drop courses manually during the distance learning period for 2021 Fall Semester? 

A. The distance learning period for all courses of the 2021 Fall Semester starts from 2021/9/22 (Wed.) to 2021/9/28 (Tue.). To add/drop courses during this period, please follow relative course selection regulations and complete the online course selection from 2021/9/13(Mon.) to 2021/10/1 (Fri.).

B. For exceptional circumstances (e.g., requesting a course underload, submitting the “Statement about Schedule Conflict”, submitting the “Statement about Rescheduling Courses”, submitting the “Special Conditions of Course Add/Drop Form [the form can be printed from the Online Add/Drop Course Selection System from 2021/9/27 to 2021/10/1]”, applying for waiving courses, and applying for Interscholastic course selection), students shall arrive at the University and complete the application manually.
Latest information will be updated according to the status of the pandemic situation.